The Emigrant

They came to this place with a suitcase full of hopes. What passed through their minds as they unpacked their belongings? What kind of future did they envision? They had no one but each other and this one suitcase.

Today everything they came with is surely gone. It has all been replaced with the new. The years passed, their hairs greyed, and their vision blurred. They hoped for tomorrow, but were stuck living only for today.

So many wish for living in the now, the present, “living for today”… they dread the thought of tomorrow because of their circumstances today. This fear cripples their being. Those who have mastered their being live for forever.

They were masters despite all that they lacked. They had lived their entire lives before it ever began in this new place. All their hopes had already been realized in that one simple act off unpacking.

Their lives transformed our tomorrow making our own forevers possible. One day we will bury the past, and move on… but what shall we carry with us on our travels?


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